Monday, October 18, 2010

Jungle Animals...

Meet Caitlin...

Caitlin's 2! Yay! and I'm so envious of you!
I wish I could be a young girl all over again... better still - be part of Janet's family and have Janet plan my birthday parties for me... hehehe
Jungle Animal Themed Parties are so much fun!!!

Click here to check this out!

Well Done Mommy Janet!

I'm glad the illustrations got me involved with part of the fun!
And most of all... we have a Happy Little Girl :)

Read all about Caitlin, together with Mommy and Daddy on their adventures through parenthood and daily squeals of Fun, Laughter, Joy and Love at Tickled Pink Stories

Booo... Internet DOWN!

I just wanted y'all to know that I'm still around...
I've been sleeping alot ( I was going through a 'alliwannadoissleep' phase - now I'm over it ) and recently hung up my keyboard while I go through a change of internet service providers... which takes a couple of weeks to get fixed... It is times like this when you truely appreciate having chosen the right Internet Service Provider from the very start. Here I am having to suffer the consequence! when I could have continued with a more reliable source from before...
Meanwhile, I'm spending more time with Bubbs and Mr M.
I've been travelling interstate quite a bit lately for work and missing them heaps.
Psst...But I'm secretly lovin' that Mr M tells me that the house feels empty without me...
Anyway... Keep a look out on this page cos I'll be back soon on the 27th October