Thursday, February 11, 2010

Greetings from Singapore!

Hey Everyone!
We've jet off to Sunny Island Singapore for our first family holiday!
Here to celebrate Nikita's Full Month celebration and also Chinese New Year...
we've been having a good time and eventful holiday so far. Our Baby 'Jetsetter' is doing well, traveling on planes as though she's done it a million times before. Honestly, that came as a relief to us - with her ex & current flight attendant parents who enjoy the traveling lifestyle... One day shopping in NYC, to taking a dip in the Blue Grotto of Capri... or maybe even getting hot and sticky in the
Food Markets of Asia...
we can't wait as she grows and joins us in our travels.
Anyway, Singapore has changed so much! And I'm loving every bit of it... this is the time I ask myself why I am living at the other end of the world?? Hahaha I do like Australia... but for different reasons.
Singapore is Shopping Galore! Everything and anything is at your feet!
Love! Love! Love!
I've found bountiful of pretties that I'll like to share with the world.
That will come in good time...
You'll just have to wait!