Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dinner @ Mad Cow!

This post is up a a few days late... But if you're ever in Sydney... Mad Cow is one place to go have dinner and drinks with friends! We took up a March Special Promo from Merivale in bid to show off their 9 world class restaurants (one of which was Mad Cow) and exposing their Wonderful Naked Chefs! (Haha! Food and Naked Hairy Chefs?? What a Combi!) Food was yummily delightful! Ocean Trout served with Pancetta, caramelised onions, fennel and brown mushrooms! Mmmm... I didn't see no naked chefs but we had a wonderful waiter serving our table with a Really Distracting Moustache (*think Mr Pringles) hahaha Must have taken awhile to grow his lovely mow.
I'm not really one who would talk about food... or how Great it is... This is more of Fiona's department. So you can imagine for something like that to come out from me... Must be good! Honestly... the first thing that attracted me was the whole look and feel of the restaurant! My style!... Style? Food? Both!

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pretties to be shared...

Here's some that I really like @ Pixelgirl

Lovely wallpapers of all sorts for your desktops by various artists available here ...  Enjoy!
Did I mention that they had customised icons (folder) too!? So Cute!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello Kitty "Mac-kers"

Mac has started a new collection for all the HELLO KITTY FANS out there; I think you’ll probably go ga-ga over this!

They’ve extended the theme into various lines:
Hello Kitty Kouture (featuring their limited edition compact) decorated with Swarovski crystal
Hello Kitty Mild (Featuring their lip,eyes, face cosmetics but of matt finish)
Hello Kitty Mild (Featuring their lip,eyes, face cosmetics but of glitter finish)
Hello Kitty Accessories (featuiring their make-up, bracelets, key clips, bags)

For those that aren’t aware of Mac Cosmetics though I’m assuming almost every woman on this planet would know, its one of the world’s famous/well known make-up. They are commonly used & endorsed today by professional make-up artists, celebrities, models.

Mac is such a household term within the fashion industry. I have friends who use them and vows by them so go to the stores and grab yourself a Mac product!

Mac can be viewed here

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling a lil'sick...

My nose hurts...*Sniff Sniff
XO Germs & Bugs XO,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

- The Hills-

I am so hooked on this show and I’ll tell you why:

The show documents the lives of Lauren Conrad (Main Character) and her friends in Los Angeles. There is no true structure to the program, as real life develops day by day, such as drama involving complicated friendships, relationships, career dilemmas and loyalties between one and another. You do feel that these situations relate to your own live as well (or so I have). I have been such a loyal fan to the show, since 2006 and so many scenes in it have reminded me of specific incidents with love relationships and friends from school. Its so heart warming to find that life is so real like that and you aren’t the only one going through these dramas that quite often drag you down.

Obviously some things in the show have to be produced in terms of locations and cinematography, and it involves a whole crew, so there has to be some level of production. However there are no scripts, every conversation is real and everything that comes out of our mouths are what they are truly thinking and feeling (as quoted by Whitney Port, one of the characters in the show in an interview).

Apart from some unrealistic things about it like they looking so- ‘Posh’, having the latest fashion sense, driving flashy cars and living in ‘close to mansion type’ apartments, it hasn’t scored any negative points for me yet. The last season, season 5 has completed its making and I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD.

The show has also been labeled the show of "New Classic" and ranked 82nd on a list of The 100 Best Shows of the Last 25 Years by Entertainment Weekly USA. Well, if you want to have a glimpse of some of its episodes, you can click on to the MTV site:


Sunday, March 8, 2009

The story behind this picture...

The other day, I was transferring picture files I had accumulated over the years from my pesky temperamental external hard drive... and I found a picture taken by Amelia which made me smile when I looked at it.

Over 2 years ago... a few months after moving to Sydney... I was lonely... *this was before I met Fiona. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to be there with me while Martin was away on his trips and a friend that would be by my side at home during a blackout...?

I missed Charcoal, but he was in Singapore and it would be really nice to have another addition to the family here in Australia... but Martin wasn't convinced. *Boooooo

Anyway, after trying so hard to sell the idea of having a pup for so long, he still wouldn't budge. Not wanting to whine about it all the time... I finished a box of Kleenex tissue papers... cut the images of the pups out, stuck them together and posted it on the lampshade next to his side of the bed...

My constant 'silent' reminder to him for a puppy... The things women do... *Muahaahaa
Anyway... I got a pup a few months later...  so it did work! 


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just a quick one...

It's been absolutely crazy the past weeks... Fii and myself have had our schedules filled up... when we do get time for ourselves... we just wanna chill and not do anything... when I say 'Not do Anything'... we Really don't wanna do anything at all. 

Work has been crazy... our social life after work has had a great kick start this year... *not that we're complaining

Besides our social life... we're taking steps towards building our lives here is Sydney... Fii's on a path to finally calling Australia her 'Home' which I'm really happy for her and know she deserves it. Similar to Fii in establishing herself... I'm helping Martin to build our Home during the weekends or whenever I possibly can. Soon we'll have our loving pad for all to come and join us down under. 

Much much more is happening... but we'll share as we go along...

Who knows what 2009 has installed for us... Toodles!

Amanda & Fii