Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Love... Stina Persson!!!

We absolutely ADORE the works of Swedish artist Stina Persson... who doesn't?!

She has an edgy yet feminine + beautiful, elegant style portrayed in her art pieces... working with different medium such as ink, watercolour, Mexican 'papel picado' and even parchment paper (also known as Doilies). The colour mixes of her work are so vibrant and alluring... it's no surprise she gets to work for big honchos like Absolut Vodka, Chloe, Godiva Chocolatier, Midori to name a few......

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monster Mondays... BE GONE!!! *Poooooooooof*

If it wasn't for Flash Wonder Ferry Halim, Creator of Orisinal, Mondays would be a dread... Now on it'll never be the same again... Fun and cute games of all sorts, just what we need to get past a blue day.

**Just be sure your boss isn't looking.

Have Fun Clicking!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Buckle me Beautiful...

Thanks to Danny Sullivan, the Creative Brains behind Irregular Choice, you'll find a range of Funky Flamboyant shoes designed away from main stream fashion, appeasing the tiny us inside who calls out to be different.

Lovely, Lovely, ... We'll have them all...

Happy Sunday!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally!!! We made it...

It's about Time!

Gone are the days we've spent rotting at home....

We're finally blogging!!!

So here the story goes.... 2 gals, who followed their hearts, came to Sydney made it their new homes, were introduced by a mutual friend, Allyson, who knew they would *click instantly. Without Ally, this site would have not been possible. Thank you! Ally!!!

With a growing realisation, Fiona and I have heaps in common, so we decided that it would be best for us to start a blog together keeping friends, family and maybe you? In the loop about 'Beautiful finds' in our lives that will possibly inspire!

Here are things that we may talk about in the future.

1. All things related to Fashion, Home stuff, Creative Arts... 
    basically all Beautiful things!!
2. Our Casual Outings and shopping + Crazy Parties
3. Our Holiday trips to Wonderful Exciting Destinations....
4. Being lovers of spices and food... Yummmy!
5. ....... and did we mention Shopping?