Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello again!!!

I know...

This blog has been neglected alot due to quite a number of things... Good things though :)

New happenings, New found joys... all in one!

I must admit... My other reason for this slackness would be that I've been really bad at time managing too. Past months had been busy, but most of my free time were spent sleeping and just chilling out of course this leads back to the Good News! The main one...

I'm expecting! 24 weeks...

This is probably considered old news by now as I'm already at the end of my 2nd trimester, but still its the first time I'm announcing it on the blog! My husband, let's call him Mr. M and I are looking forward to this Christmas to see our little one! There's so much to tell and talk about... but I'll keep it short and just say that I've got it good so far and have had a really pleasant experience. Morning Sickness came upon me between week 10 and 14, but really really mild. All I had to do was to make sure I ate enough but not too much and that was it. Anyway, as I'm writing this blog... Bubbi inside of me is doing somersaults. Yes! I feel the little one... in fact I'm sure I felt the fluttering as early as 18 weeks. I know many says that's not possible... I still would like to believe it is and I'm sure of it.

Oh yea... the 'fluttering like butterflies in your tummy' as many describes the baby kicking to be... I prefer to describe it like having a little goldfish in your hand... and it squirming, wriggling and flipping around... Amazing!

Anyway... this marks my return to the blog again... More good things to come I'm sure of it!

Lastly... We've been told our Bubbi is a Litte Girl!

A quick pic of me... at 23 weeks.