Thursday, December 30, 2010

♥ December Madness...

Merry Christmas to all!!!

It's been a crazy time with work travels and the festive season + birthdays happening in the month of December :) I'm also prepping up for Nikita's 1st Birthday party and I hope it'll turn out all nice and good. I given this a lot of thought... from invitations to decorations and to door gifts :)

Our humble home has turned into a manufacturing production line... hehehe

Anyway, I can't wait and look forward to welcoming the New Year and Nikita's Birthday 2 days later... and then... I'm off to Huntington Beach for work and a quick trip to New York with Mr. M

Here's a little something that I would like to share on my blog...

Ange-line Tetrault's Hidden Animal Teacups

I absolutely lov'em :)

I can so imagine myself inviting some of my girlies over for scones & tea now...

Tata for now! and Happy 2011! :)